Polar Bears, Warming, Cannibalism and Palin

Thursday, September 25, 2008 at 11:00 am

Arctic sea ice is disappearing rapidly, reaching its second lowest level on record. This is frightening news for polar bears, who rely on sea ice for their habitat. The endangered bears are starving, drowning and now resorting to cannibalism, says the Center for Biological Diversity

This puts into perspective the weight of Gov. Sarah Palin’s efforts to keep polar bears off the endangered species list. Palin led her state in suing the U.S. government for classifying the bears as threatened. She argued that the listing would interfere with development in Alaska — not at all surprising, since the governor apparently has a record of supporting runaway growth with no regard for environmental impacts, according to this Salon story.

As for the fate of polar bears, another reason Palin may not support doing something about melting Arctic ice is simply that she thinks the “jury is still out” on whether global warming is caused by human activity.

I’ll have more to come from climate experts who are astonished to hear such comments on climate change coming from the governor of Alaska — an area feeling some of the worst effects of a rapidly increasing climate of anywhere in the world.


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