Another Scared Blue Dog Quits

Monday, December 14, 2009 at 10:57 am

Rep. Bart Gordon becomes the fourth Democratic member of Congress in a month — the second “Blue Dog” from Tennessee — to announce his retirement in 2010. Like Rep. John Tanner (D-Tenn.), who announced his retirement last week, Gordon represented an old-line Democratic seat whose voters increasingly went for the GOP’s presidential and Senate candidates; the district went for the McCain-Palin ticket in 2008 by a margin of 62 percent to 37 percent for Obama-Biden. And while, as in Tanner’s district, Democrats are trying to get a credible local office-holder into the race — and sources tell me they knew this was coming — they have traded a safe seat for a toss-up race.

One long-term effect I see here: There are going to be a number of deep red areas where, in 2010, prospective presidential candidates can happily stump for Republican nominees. In 2009, Republicans in New Jersey and Virginia were skittish about bringing Sarah Palin into their blue states. But Palin, a laughable figure among non-Republicans, would be a massive draw in a rural Tennessee district that went nearly two-to-one for her ticket. Come election night 2010, Palin and a lot of other 2012 hopefuls will try and take credit for any red state or red-district GOP gains. It’s what Richard Nixon did in 1966, stumping in districts that briefly turned blue in the LBJ landslide, and basking in gratitude when, unsurprisingly, Republicans won back the seats.

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Comment posted December 14, 2009 @ 12:55 pm

I believe that the Democrats have made a major error in taking Palin lightly and laughing at her. What is said really doesn't matter, the results will tell all. If the Democrats hold on, then they can claim victory. However, if they get their clock cleaned, I believe that they have angered so many main-stream Americans that they will be in the wilderness a very long time before they are ever trusted again. They have truly amazed and scared the American people by their Socialistic leanings, and now comments supporting that we have been heading Socialist since the 30's. Wrong message.

Comment posted December 14, 2009 @ 1:38 pm

“They have truly amazed and scared the American people by their Socialistic leanings, and now comments supporting that we have been heading Socialist since the 30's”

Do you know what McCarthyism is? Check it out on Wikipedia.

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Comment posted December 14, 2009 @ 2:56 pm

Tell you what: Sarah Palin can run in 2012 on the “anti-Socialistic” platform of ending Social Security and Medicare. Then you will see “scared” Americans turning out in droves to keep her from getting to the White House.

Comment posted December 14, 2009 @ 3:26 pm

The comments are coming from Democrats, not Conservatives. You point the finger at your self. They are saying “Hey, we have all been living in Socialism – so get used to it.” Talk about muddled message. You can't even get your message right.

Medicare, if you are too uneducated to understand, is paid for by the workers. It is taken out of our paychecks. If you had any understanding of what is going on, including that the cost of Medicare is 9 times higher than projected today than when it was signed into law, you would realize the peril the entire system is in.

What's worse, this is only the first gambit as we march into Socialism. Next is the Cap and Trade Tax, with the United States expected by China to send them money so we can help support them in finding cleaner ways of making cheap products to sell to us. In fact 100 billion dollars, 10 billion each year – which is already being denigrated as not enough – with much of it coming from America. This is another program that will lead to little but the American people will have to pay.

Next is total control of all citizens medical records. You have their tax records, their medical records. Not much left to someday be in complete control of the future populations.

Yes, YOUR people are saying that we should not be afraid of going more in the socialist direction because we have been heading that way ever since Roosevelt. I guess they are right.

Comment posted December 14, 2009 @ 5:05 pm

A few mistakes in there. Mainstream Americans are utterly ignorant of the political process and do not participate, with less than 50 percent voting even in presidential years.
Democrats so far have done nothing. On the one hand, that gave Republicans nothing to complain about so they had to dig up some old stories and make up some new ones. But the GOP has been so busy lapping up corporate money, looking for hot sweet loving in the airport bathroom, Argentine pampas, the Vegas strip, and elsewhere; they don't have time to trifle with teabagging morans who wish the constitution, like the Bible, said what they wanted it to say and not what it actually says.
Socialism would be a good thing for America. Christianity would be a good thing for America. But there are no Christians and no Socialists in America-only con men and a multitude of delusional followers standing dumbfounded and wondering why they make less money than their parents did. Too dumb to realize that Reagan not only lied to them, he violated them and stole their lunch money. And that is the law of the land.

Comment posted December 14, 2009 @ 6:44 pm

Just because someone labels themselves are democrat or republican means nothing. I'm an registered democrat because in the state of PA, you have to register with an affiliation to vote in primaries.

In the third paragraph, you try to scary me with your “as we march into socialism” crap. I news for you buddy, this isn't even close to socialism. It's a perversion of the golden rule where the people with all the gold make the rules.

And having medical records in a central place physically and/or virtually is not such a bad thing because then people know where they are. You always put your wallet, watch, keys and phone in the same place every night so you don't lose them.

Them only “march” i see are things like a Medicare system that provides health care to millions, an unemployment network that keep food on American families' tables, and a system of roads that enables us to easily reach any part of the country. Sure these systems are all old, and may not be perfect, but things have changed so drastically since they were enacted, it's time for us to update the system, before we get left behind.

Comment posted December 14, 2009 @ 10:05 pm

Thanks for the comment. I respectfully disagree, however. Though I am not a Republican – political parties are the bane of the American people and put their interest over the working stiffs every single time – I am conservative.

Our nations problems have nothing to do with conservative or liberal and/or progressive. It is becoming morally bankrupt. The founding fathers said that this form of government could never work unless the nation it was founded upon was a moral nation. However, they warned that it could not work going forward. The America is in decline. We have a number of important considerations before us – Health Care isn't even one of them. Survival of the fittest will be the norm in the coming generations and from what I understand about our education system (controlled by the unions, as the government will be shortly) which is graduating fairly illiterate students here in S. California (Community Colleges send many to remedial reading classes before allowing these students to take the real stuff); there isn't too much hope for America's future.

Take a look at the cities of Japan that America bombed to the ground during World War II. Take a look the industrial cities that made our winning the wars possible, such as Detroit the slums, MI.

There are too many reasons why America is faltering into the largest debtor nation on earth, though spending more between George Washington and George Bush in the past year, especially with appropriated but unpaid for spending, has not helped. Also, of the entire spending for the past ten years (we her George Bush a lot as the destroyer of the world – congress was out of session all that time evidently) we find out that 40% of all the debt was racked up in the last 36 months that the Democrats controlled the House – were all spending bills originate. The president cannot spend one dime on his own.

Now the Democrats are in charge, last summer they turn on the printing presses and decide to print 2 trillion dollars and spend it. Each trillion is 52 million miles long. Your children and grandchildren have to pay it back. The Chinese stopped purchasing our Fed debt between Jan and July. Our Sec of Treasury had to go hat-in-hand and beg them to keep buying our dollars, which were sinking 30% in a short period of time. Why would anyone give someone a dollar and get back 70 cents? I guess we expect the Chinese to. They said enough – learn to be good Capitalist. Evidently we can't even do that with the confused people running our country.

But don't worry. Your government is spending 200 billion a year on interest now. It is going to 800 billion a year in 120 months. Of course the answer is to tax the American people into the ground, even though 1/2 the nation pays no income taxes.

We may have a chance if we all work together – maybe. But the division that is happening in America today is the beginning of the end. America is no longer one nation but two. Conservatives and Progressives. Though the Conservatives are 100% larger group, they pretty much are to keep their mouth shut and pay their taxes. Not any more. Never will there be silence again. Never will there be a people who believe in their leaders to do the right thing. Now we know they will do the left thing.

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[...] Rep. Bart Gordon becomes the fourth Democratic member of Congress in a month — the second “Blue Dog” from Tennessee — to announce his retirement in 2010. Like Rep. John Tanner (D-Tenn.), who announced his retirement …Read Original Story: Another Scared Blue Dog Quits – The Washington Independent [...]

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Comment posted December 20, 2009 @ 3:35 am

controlled by unions? That sounds like an O'Reilly talking point.

Congress is controlled by campaign donors, That is big business, energy co's, and the financial industry. We have almost no manufacturing base, and therefore unions are very weak.

I agree that we need to find common ground and work together though and vote out all incumbents and redistribute the power downwards because they are out of control.

Comment posted December 20, 2009 @ 3:41 am

“Never will there be a people who believe in their leaders to do the right thing. Now we know they will do the left thing.”

You say some good things and then end with absolutely the wrong conclusions.

As long as people accept this false construct we will be divided by us. There is no division at the top. The division runs along class lines first. Why do you think Pelosi wouldn't allow Bush to face impeachment charges?

It's not right and left, its right and wrong, and the “right” most certainly can be wrong.

Comment posted December 20, 2009 @ 4:12 am

The politicians cannot be trusted any longer. They are told to toe the line by the party leaders or they will be eating of paper plates the rest of their lives, and so will their constituents.

Regarding unions: They are zeroing in on the Government – the largest employer in the nation (sadly). There needs to be a healthy discussion regarding the power they have because this isn't GM we are talking about. We screw this up and there will be blood in the streets someday in America.

We are a young nation, but we ARE headed into Socialism. Only those who don't want to see it or believe it wont admit it. Even the Democrats are starting to say its OK, we drive on roads don't we and those are socialist. It's just the beginning. 50 to 100 years from now America may be no different than from a failed Europe because it will fail. However, they are moving in the direction of Capitalism. They realize they have gone too far. Now we have the highest corporate tax. No wonder corporations move over seas. Now that we have the internet – the world is flat. Read the book by the same title for an understanding.

Regardless of our feelings here, and they are deep on both sides, we are headed down hill and we have to decide together if we are going to change the direction or just let our children and grandchildren deal with the rending of a nation that will become broke.

Comment posted December 24, 2009 @ 2:59 pm


Comment posted January 3, 2010 @ 12:55 pm

Let us all pray to God for a November 2010 like the mid-term election of November 1994
The Anti-American, Liberal Meat-Heads will be powerless when that Patriotic Leaders are back in control.

As for the “republicanstupidity” poster. Obviously young, dumb, uneducated and stupid. It is scary to think that he might be old enough to vote, operate a motor vehicle and reproduce !!!!

Comment posted January 3, 2010 @ 2:06 pm

Basically, whether you are Agnostic, Christian Muslim, Jew, or Other; without morality it does not matter what form of government we have – it will fail. America's problem is one of a declining morality that is being rationalized as OK. It does not matter if it is a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent in power. Our leaders believe we are pretty much just a mob when we don't have jobs, and if they make sure everyone is working – they can control us. Yes, we are controlled today, at every level of our life, to the point that you cannot leave a hospital without a required-by-law-blood test when you are born. With every new law and regulation (tens of thousands over short periods of time), we lose even more freedom and are more controlled.

We can't legislate safety from terrorist, they will always slip through. You can't legislate morality, either, just what happens when there isn't any. We are struggling to solve a declining nations moral problems with legislation and political parties. Until we come to understand what the root of our nations problems are, the coming breakdown in society and respect for leaders will only become more egregious and more rules and regulations will only acerbate citizens until the fabric of our society starts unraveling.

I am currently reading the history of the Roman Civilization. We are just a reed in the wind compared to their accomplishments and history. With only spear and sword what they accomplished was pretty phenomonial. For all that, over approximately 800 or 900 years from beginning to fall – they could not keep it together. Because everything is so much faster in our generation (travel, communication) you can see the same problems that vexed and caused their demise, starting to vex America. We are considered the Empire builder by the world whether we believe it or not. Considering we have hundreds of military outpost, as did the Romans, around in the world – we are pretty much as they in all things but one: The exacted tribute from those conquered. America is the only Empire builder that every time we invade a country we pay them! Look at Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Billions! We should be plundering them. LOL We are kind of a reverse Empire builder. We go out and build up other nations, though we are now borrowing the money and paying China interest on it.

Bottom line, though. America is in decline, the top of the hill has been reached, because we as a nation decided to become fat, lazy and uneducated. We became arogant from living on our parent's and grandparent's success. Now the chickens are coming home to roost and finding a dumbed down nation that can hardly read when it graduates from many large city schools, a “ME” generation with their hands out that we are teaching to believe that the Government is their Father and Mother (for many it is the only parent they know), and most importantly of all: a generation that has lost its way in the desert of life and is on a moral decline. That is the spear in the heart – the fall of the great nation of America. As our founding fathers said, the form of government they gave us could NOT work unless the nation was moral. There would be no reason to follows it principles and precepts. They were right. In other words, we can quite fretting over who is in power. When you are on the road to the local dump, it doesn't matter what you name that road- it still leads to the dump.

Comment posted January 3, 2010 @ 2:27 pm

I think many people like Sarah Palin. I'm not sure why she riles up Progressives so much. I guess she is like salt in the wounds to those who consider a woman should stay in the kitchen. Regardless, I don't think she will run for office. She would be a fool to do so. Think about it: Clinton will go down in history as president that the American people, overall, liked. I like Bill Clinton as a person. He comes across very will with people. He did some good things – from the middle – and made some dumb human mistakes, but I have made my fair share so I wont throw in stones. However, after leaving office he made $90,000,000 in six years just yapping his mouth in speeches. No body really knows what he said, it wasn't widely reported, and really isn't important what he said. My point: unless he was just power hungry; I don't think Sarah Palin,is by-the-way,he would be nuts to give us a good gig like that to jump back in the fish bowl. Palin is growing more powerful, more rich and I only wish I had her opportunity. She has an education in Communication and I expect to see her in the future more in that area vs running for President. I think you can lighten up and relax.

Sarah Palin will be far more effective doing what she is doing. She is far more powerful than Liberals want to give her credit for. Who else do you know that has the influence she has? Even President Obama is tanking because he has exposed himself to the point that we turn the channel when he come on TV because he is on almost every day, making him an everyday president. We know what he believes – he just beats it to death and makes the message less effective.

Sarah Palin is different. He keeps her power dry, doesn't have to be the head of anything and doesn't seem to have that hunger and drive to be president – like Hillary for example. I don't think she will ever run for President but I do believe she will have an very big impact on the political process – and on both parties. She is a catalyst. A pretty rare person, whether you love her or hate her. Like our first celebrity president, he has a celebrity counterpart to balance him out. Pretty fascinating to me, and I believe history will find it so, too. I can't wait to see how it all plays out over the next couple of years. I hope you enjoy it as much as I. We are truly being treated to something unusual.

In closing, do you know that Sarah Palin has never criticized Hillary Clinton for being a woman in politics, or attacked her personally. Also, to my knowledge, Hillary Clinton has never attacked Sarah Palin. They are both in a class of their own and I think they respect each other for it.

Comment posted January 3, 2010 @ 6:54 pm

If enough of these clabberheads retire, the good guys might take the House and Senate in November.

Comment posted January 11, 2010 @ 12:44 am

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Comment posted January 11, 2010 @ 5:44 am

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