Poll: Mexicans More Likely to Come to U.S. if Granted Amnesty

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 4:59 pm

The polling wars on immigration reform have officially begun. Today, the Center for Immigration Studies, which aims to restrict immigration to the United States and deport those who are here illegally, sent around the findings of a recent Zogby poll which finds that — surprise! — a majority of Mexicans say they think their friends and family would be more likely to come to the United States if the U.S. granted them permanent legal status. Never mind that no U.S. lawmaker is actually proposing to do that.

Here’s how Research Director Steven Camarota puts it in his latest “Backgrounder“:

A new survey by Zogby International finds that people in Mexico think that granting legal status to illegal immigrants in the United States would encourage more illegal immigration to the United States. As the top immigrant-sending country for both legal and illegal immigrants, views on immigration in Mexico can provide insight into the likely impact of an amnesty, as well as other questions related to immigration.

But to gain some useful insight, it’s important to look at the actual question that Zogby asked the 1,004 Mexicans polled, which was: “If the U.S. gave permanent legal status to undocumented immigrants (migrantes indocumentados), do you think it would make your friends and family members more likely or less likely to go to the U.S. as indocumentados, or would it make no difference?” 56 percent of Mexicans polled said they thought it would make people they knew more likely to go.

In fact, “permanent legal status” for new illegal immigrants is not what anyone in Congress is contemplating, but that’s what this latest CIS “Backgrounder” implies. Advocates for comprehensive immigration reform have been pressing for a law that would grant legal status only to certain immigrants who have been living and working in the United States for at least several years. New immigrants would not qualify for legal status, but would have to apply through the channels provided for in any new law, which would likely be based in large part on the needs of the labor market.

“The general thing that the restrictionists do and will continue to do is try to make the case that as soon as you do this, the floodgates are going to open and life as you know it won’t ever be the same,” said Wendy Sefsaf, communications manager for the Immigration Policy Center. “That’s the argument they make every single time.” But even President Reagan’s “amnesty” program back in the 1980s required immigrants to have been in the United States for several years before they’d qualify, she noted. And the State Department would make that clear in Mexico and elsewhere when any new immigration law is passed in the United States.

It’s worth noting, too, the second question asked by the Zogby poll, and Mexicans’ answers. “If at this moment, you had the means and opportunity to go to live in the U.S., would you go?”  59.6 percent of Mexicans said “no.” Only about a third of those polled said “yes.” So it turns out that even if they were given the opportunity — which they won’t be — all those people in Mexico wouldn’t stampede across the U.S. border after all.



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Comment posted October 14, 2009 @ 9:42 pm

The Force of Soros is strong! So strong, that Daphne Eviatar is spinning like a ThinkProgress top in a BHO whirlwind.

Everyone knows what the question means, and if anyone thought it meant that we'd have open borders then they'd have to explain the use of “going to the U.S. as indocumentados”. If we had open borders, then there'd be no such thing as “indocumentados”.

And, Eviatar's “only about a third” is 39 million people.

Not only that, but Eviatar isn't revealing the most shocking finding in the poll.

The bottom line here is that this is a Soros-Rockefeller-funded pseudo-paper that supports policies that – shock – would end up giving Soros even more power. Why not just admit it?

Comment posted October 14, 2009 @ 11:00 pm

“Never mind that no U.S. lawmaker is actually proposing to do that.”
Reading is</is> fundamental…

Comment posted October 14, 2009 @ 11:50 pm

Soon America is going to be confronted with another out-of-control AMNESTY for the 20 to 30 million illegal aliens already here. This is not taking into account the millions who will follow on, once the word gets out through Central and South America and the rest of the world. Only the armed National Guard on our lax border will be able to stop the incursion of the destitute, the sick, drug dealers, slavers, foreign terrorists and a multitude other entering this country illegally. The church, unions, the Communist ACLU, US Chamber of Commerce, Council of Foreign Relations and radical, International groups all have their agendas. These Anti-sovereignty organizations must embrace there corrupted puppet politicians, that ostensibly wants to make this cataclysm come true?

The driving force now behind this contradiction to his oath of Allegiance to American people is Rep.Luis Gutierrez's of Illinois, whose immigration enforcement since being in office is a (F-) grading according to NUMBERSUSA. The American Workers—MUST– condemn this Immigration reform action by complaining to their indifferent Liberal Democrats and some Republicans at 202-224-3121. Don't let the aides reject you offhand as you want your representative to know? Currently 15 million US workers with the most sitting at home, sending out references, walking the streets and looking for work. Then this joker Luis Gutierrez is pushing for a second Amnesty? What are these politicians thinking, or do they think at all? My hope the taxpayers show him the door—ALL OF THEM–when he/she wants to be re-elected.

Gutierrez is just one of many who have blemished their own records of their loyalty to the American people? I just know that the last AMNESTY was an absolute failure, owing to the fraud that transpired. I think the majority of the US population knows that the majority of our politicians in every administration had no true intentions of ever securing the border, or enforcing any immigration law. This has been proven over and over again, with Senators like Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Janet Napolitano that have all genuflected to the demands of businesses big and small. It seems for decades that it’s been mandatory that we must support the world’s poor? The evidence has irrefutable shown that their disregard for US labor in Obama's stimulus bill, the potential health care reform and whatever deviant law, they place in the Senate and House to support the illegal immigrants and families once they break into America? WE welcome a millions or more legal immigrants each year? Even police departments are reprimanded as Arizona Sheriff Joe Araipo, who is carry out duties, our government seems to cold-shoulder.

INSTEAD OF JUST A CIVIL INFRACTION, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION SHOULD BE PENALIZED AS A FELONY? THAT'S WHY THEY KEEP ON COMING? We should demand of those who represent us that E-Verify should be implemented immediately as mandatory, with no exemptions. Everybody in the workplace Must be verified. No more voluntary E-Verify? Every police department should be trained to apprehend and question any individual they see fit to check? No more of this Liberal Socialist political correctness garbage on racial profiling? We should have a federal force to audit I-9's, with the defiant ones going to prison. ICE should have larger funding with more interior and border agents, to sweep down on illegal business activities. Identify for yourself those politicians who are involved in corruption at JUDICIAL WATCH site. Our nation is silently being dismantled by the globalists and those who wave the banner for them.

Small states will miss out big time on federal dollars in the 2010 Census, while mass illegal immigrant states will gain more seats in Congress and too much power and influence in general elections? California specifically, because of the handicapped zombie Liberal Democrats In Sacramento, who should be thrown out of office into a garbage dump, owing to the billions they used underwriting the illegal alien population. They caused the financial crisis in the once-Golden state, by ignoring the millions of illegal aliens, gang bangers bleeding San Fran and Los Angeles dry of revenue. Of course ICE could check the immigration status of those who are counted, even though it's supposedly against US law? Or is counting 20 million plus (?) non-legal residence against the US Constitution? But then these politicians do not recognize what is illegal from illegal anymore? Democrats are still endeavoring to give the children of illegal immigrants, access to colleges and university. Our children should come first because we are citizens and permanent residents.

Don't let sympathy cloud your mind to our own countries deterioration, the infrastructure and uncorrectable overpopulation. Each year our State and federal taxes go ever higher, to pay for the illegal immigrants, their emergency care, education, their extended circle of relatives that enter under family reunification. THE TAXPAYER HAS BECOME THE BREADWINNERS FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS IN THIS COUNTRY AND THE WORLD. IT MUST STOP!

Comment posted October 15, 2009 @ 5:15 am

These nativists sure have vivid imaginations and even more vivid paranoia's.

It's always the immigants even when it was bears it was the immigants, Moe on the Simpsons.

Without the labor supplied by these illegals we wouldn't have fresh produce or chicken on our plates. We need them as much as they need us. Who is going to supply this labor if we round them up and deport them?

I don't hear these nativists calling for their brethern to mobilize and retake these wonderful occupations from the evil illegals. I guess they haven't thought this through and i doubt they are willing to do the work themselves.

The only way to secure our borders is to open them up. Allow all who qualify to come and that will free up the border patrol to go after the criminals, they are the ones that need to be stopped. They will have to pay taxes, most do now but on false id's so they don't get benefits.

The only terrorists who have been caught at our border were coming from Canada. I don't think any coyote would be fooled by Osama pretending to be a Mexican.

The 30 million illegals they claim are here must include anyone of Hispanic decent natives or not. I guess they want to remove anyone who looks illegal.

The scapegoating of immigrants is nothing new, a certain Furher used these same tactics on another minority to deflect the publics attention from the real issues.

When they talk about armed National Guard being used to stop or shoot destitute or sick people it shows what nativists are really about, hate.

Comment posted October 15, 2009 @ 2:22 pm

59.6 percent of Mexicans said “no.”

That leaves 41 percent of Mexicans who would say “yes.” 41 percent of Mexico is more than 41 milllion people. You don't regard that as a flood? What a joke of a “commentator” you are.

Comment posted October 15, 2009 @ 5:53 pm

Yes Reagan’s amnesty did require immigrants to be in the United States for several years but that was ignored by illegals. The Congress did not provide adequate resources to check the claims made. Once a utility bill was accepted as proof of years in the country the country it was shared among newly arrived friends and forged for others. The path of least resistance for the government bureaucrat was to approve whatever flimsy evidence was provided. If you compare the number of amnesty seekers with the man-hours allocated to review their claim it is well lass than an hour per claim.

Even worse, once a person became legal under the Reagan amnesty he sent for his family to cross the border illegally and join him.

Comment posted October 15, 2009 @ 6:09 pm

Think about it. How much labor, as a percentage of total cost, is involved in delivering fresh produce and chickens? Not much. And not all of it is supplied by illegal aliens. More important who benefits from the cheap labor? You think producers pass the savings on to you? Get real! They pocket the savings and you pay the same. When produce goes to market it is not labeled as to whether illegal labor was used. It commands the market price. The user of illegal labor pockets more then the honest producer. You pay the same. That is the same plus the public services illegals use. In California that is about $10 billion dollars a year to subsidize producers.

If that does not convince see “how much is that tomato in the window” at http://www.cis.org/articles/1996/back296.htm

Comment posted October 15, 2009 @ 7:37 pm

All you have to do is examine what a toilet Latin America is. That is where these people came from. Do you think they will really improve the US when they can't take care of their own countries? Mexico quadrupled it's population in the last 60 years. That's why Latin America stinks. Every first rate country has low birthrates. But these people are still living in the Aztec world.

Comment posted October 15, 2009 @ 9:37 pm

n65321, Your link was informative but more than 10yr old. It stated that 35-40% of the cost for produce was labor, that's more than, not much.

The information i have seen in recent years about the lack of sufficient labor to harvest crops is cause for concern. The cost was projected at 20 billion dollars a year for crops that weren't harvested because of lack of labor. This is a huge cost for farmers and consumers.

Here in NM we don't have enough labor to pick our chile crops. A new mechanical picker will help but it means a lower harvest because of only one picking.

I saw a story on a NJ onion farm last year where the lack of labor left one million onions rotting in the fields. These are not isolated insidents it is a national problem.

Food prices are already high and are going higher even in this recession. What we do about immigration will affect prices throughout the economy so we need to do what's smart not what feels good.

These seasonial jobs used to be taken by high school kids and migrant workers. Try to get a highschool kid to do hard labor these days. Migrants are educating their kids so they have better opportunities.

Blaming poor people for our problems is not new and does nothing to solve the problems we face.

self-promoting racists suck
Comment posted October 16, 2009 @ 1:30 am

Has 24Ahead asked to see his Queen O RLY's green card yet?

Comment posted October 17, 2009 @ 8:22 pm

Well, 'duh'!

Any reduction in enforcement of immigration controls, or 'harrassment' of illegal aliens WILL mean an increase in entrants. This is a no-brainer. The only people who benefit from torrents of border-hoppers are the real estate, construction and financial sectors (more warm bodies equal more housing and associated infrastructure, plus the funding behind them), plus businessmen fond of cheap, compliant labor. Everyone else suffers: urban sprawl, higher food and housing prices, and crime. Along with all those anchor baby-poppers also come people like the Mexican Mafia and the even worse, Central American MS-13. Thanks to illegal immigration, there are actually more Chicano gangbangers on LA streets than cops. America's idiotic amnesty for Cubans has turned sleepy, Southern Florida into a dumpster for all the Cuban gangsters that Fidel Castro wisely didn't want.

If Americans want to keep housing and food affordable, keep their well-paid jobs, keep their streets safe from gun-toting, foreign-born gangsters, prevent urban sprawl, keep publically-funded social programs solvent and keep their culture intact, they'll do everything in their power to fight illegal immigration.

Comment posted April 29, 2010 @ 3:03 pm

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Comment posted June 7, 2010 @ 9:16 pm

So you think new illegals won't come because a amnesty would only be for those who have been here for a few years? New illegals will think, come to America and wait it out for the next amnesty. 5, 6 or ten years. Meanwhile have a few kids, on the tax payer, you can use to sure up your case for citizenship.

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Comment posted September 6, 2010 @ 2:53 am

Everyone knows what the question means, and if anyone thought it meant that we'd have open borders then they'd have to explain the use of “going to the U.S. as indocumentados”. If we had open borders, then there'd be no such thing as “indocumentados”.

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Comment posted October 13, 2010 @ 6:35 am

The Democrats have to do two things. Put people to work, even if it means another WPA. Put people to

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