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Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at 5:58 pm

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), in an interview with Politico, today:

[Cantor] expressed frustration with [Speaker of the House Nancy] Pelosi’s suggestion last week that the vitriol injected into the health reform debate could end in violence akin to the assassination of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone in the 1970s. “I think she’s living in another world — I really do,” Cantor said of the California Democrat. “I’m not condoning any of the things that, you know, the media may catch in terms of messages on the signs and what have you. But I have not run into any violence. I have not run into crowds running over people. We should want spirited debate, although civil, … and I’ve not been anywhere over the last several months where I would even think such a situation where violence is in the offing exists.”

The Associated Press, one hour ago:

The FBI is investigating the hanging death of a U.S. Census worker near a Kentucky cemetery, and a law enforcement official told The Associated Press the word ‘fed” was scrawled on the dead man’s chest. The body of Bill Sparkman, a 51-year-old part-time Census field worker and occasional teacher, was found Sept. 12 in a remote patch of the Daniel Boone National Forest in rural southeast Kentucky. The Census has suspended door-to-door interviews in rural Clay County, where the body was found, pending the outcome of the investigation. Investigators are still trying to determine whether the death was a killing or a suicide, and if a killing, whether the motive was related to his government job or to anti-government sentiment.

What’s my point? Obviously Cantor isn’t wrong about the peaceful tone of most Tea Parties and related events. But betting against any political violence, at any time, and accusing those who warn of it of being on “another world?”

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Comment posted September 24, 2009 @ 12:07 am

A census worker was found hanged in Daniel Boone National Forest with “FED” scrawled on his chest. In what world is Kentucky?

Jordan Jenkins
Comment posted September 24, 2009 @ 12:15 am

Oh that poor man. I feel bad for loved ones since his death is now going to media circus and people on either side scoring political points off it. It reminds me of that Holocaust Memorial guard, Stephn Johns…

Comment posted September 24, 2009 @ 12:31 am

The tension is escalating. The sides have become more polarized, the constituents nasty. Ever since Tiller's death, I've been kind of nervous about the political climate in America. I told a woman in an airport three years ago that I thought something big was coming. I could just tell by the way people were displeased by Bush, and the way some thought he was almost majestic. That was before the mortgage meltdown and the recent economic turmoil. If we can't find some common ground soon, the picture the facts paint is not warm and fuzzy, and I'm usually optimistic.

Dexter Morgan
Comment posted September 24, 2009 @ 1:00 am

Thank God that Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Crazy) warned us all about those sinister Census workers. And thank God some noble patriot took action against one of them.

Seriously, words have consequences and conservatives/Republicans/wingnuts need to grow the f–k up and start behaving like rational adults. Stop the needless (and dangerous) demonizing for God's sake.

Comment posted September 24, 2009 @ 2:18 am

This sort of thing is absolutely unacceptable. If the perpetrator were Muslim, the media would be calling it a terrorist cell, and the fringe right wing would be out for blood. It's high time more “leaders” call out the crazy elements in their base and stop legitimizing their paranoia.

Comment posted September 24, 2009 @ 4:33 am

Cantor is full of it. I needed a three-policeman escort to wade through the disgusting teabaggers to carry my pro-healthcare industry reform sign.

Had the cops not been there, I would have been beaten to death.

Comment posted September 24, 2009 @ 5:32 am

Dexter, You must realise by now that the wingnuts know exactly what they are doing. This is just an extension of the Southern Strategy from the Ragun era. They are enabling the reactionary base of their party.

They know what this leads to but don't care they are only interested in regaining power, at any cost. When someone dies it's not their fault their just exercising their first amendment rights.

We are not dealing with rational adults we are dealing with enraged juveniles hellbent on revenge.

Comment posted September 24, 2009 @ 8:48 am

Of course Cantor has not seen or felt the intense hate and vitriol being spewed by his republican media allies and teabeggers, they are not directed at him, so he is blind and deaf to it. I guess this is part of the GOP playbook, defend anyone that supports the GOP party, even if they are totally deranged, unhinged and dangerous. I remember Sen. McCain doing the same thing when the vitriol and hateful rants from some of their rally goers crossed the line into dangerous territory. I guess it's in their rule book. What a shame, they rather promote and defend hate than peace.
It's fine if people disagree, and even they are very excited about their disagreement, but it should be based on facts and truth, rather than lies and deception. This is why the potential for actual violence is so real in these instances, the right wing is egging these nuts on by lying and deceiving them, scaring them to death about government takeovers and death panels, etc.–what they are being told is of out there, that it stands to reason that their reactions would also be so out there.
Now about this poor U.S. Census worker, how could the investigators say that they are “trying to determine whether the death was a killing or a suicide”!!! I doubt very much that someone committing suicide would scrawl “fed” on their own chest before they hang themsleves!! That is just non-sensical! what the hell is wrong with them! The more the waste time on non-snsical theories, the harder it will be to find the perpetrators of this horrendous crime. And yet, this is a direct result to the hate filled garbage spewed by the right wing imbeciles in the media and Congress.

Comment posted September 24, 2009 @ 8:52 am

The paradoid backwoods GOP world!

U.S. Census worker found hanging in tree in Kentucky | Political Byline
Pingback posted September 24, 2009 @ 11:20 am

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Latest » Report: Census worker hanged
Pingback posted September 24, 2009 @ 12:14 pm

[...] My friend David Weigel (Sharmuta: “What?”) wants to blame . . . Eric Cantor? Nudge, nudge. Let’s wait to see what law enforcement discovers before jumping to any kind of politicized Let’s-Blame-Glenn-Beck speculation. [...]

Comment posted September 24, 2009 @ 11:34 am

It comes right after a post on Chuck Norris telling “patriots” to fly tea-stained flags, and just around the same time as an AP story about an ammunition shortage in America fueled by anti-Obama binge buyers. It is astounding what lengths people will go to to protect their lack of health insurance.

Comment posted September 24, 2009 @ 11:51 am

Well that's disturbing.
But so is me finding well documented white supremacist Robert Stacy McCain linking here while referring to you as his friend, Dave.
Gee I hope that's a one-sided friendship. Or do you have some unpublished thoughts on Jews and blacks you've been holding back ?

Comment posted September 24, 2009 @ 2:29 pm

You're a bunch of idiots. The guy probably stumbled across some hillbilly's moonshine, marajuana, or meth operation and they killed him to protect it. You might want to look into history on moonshining & bootlegging for some perspective.

Comment posted September 24, 2009 @ 11:04 pm

Maybe you should try looking into the protests today at the G20 summit. Maybe you missed the article of the Pro-lifer shot a few weeks ago. Maybe you are unaware of the violent protests against capitalism around the world, turning over cars, setting buildings on fire, etc… Maybe you've forgotten the riots in Los Angeles by your side of the isle – encouraged by Maxine Waters. Remember? “No Justice No peace!” I must admit I've never seen so many “peace Activist” hurling molotov cocktails.

Ever listen to Air America. It is rife with violence.

The hatred is overwehelmingly on your side my dear.

Comment posted September 25, 2009 @ 6:15 am

Wow! What a stretch. Is this the best you can do? How disappointing. Also, the FBI is trying to determine if they guy killed himself! They have not said that anyone killed him. There are just too many things that don't add up.

Also, there are a lot of very religious and very moral people who live in the mountains of KY. To paint them all as a bunch of redneck-Tea-Party killers, as you seem to intimate, is not only inaccurate, but downright deceptive.

I can take you within five minutes of downtown Palm Springs, CA and show you were a newspaper-delivery driver was killed while simply delivering newspapers. So why don't we try to tie that to those peaceful (not one arrest) marchers on 9-12?

Lastly, 200 marchers, from the Left (Or should I say the Violence Party) are smashing windows and attacking police in Pittsburg, PA today. Where is Nancy Pelosi when you need her. Why have I not heard a peep from her regarding Left violence? She evidently is the great believer in demonstrating for your rights; or maybe I should say that a little differently: Demonstrating for your Lefts!

Comment posted September 25, 2009 @ 6:23 am

Guess What! Some people who are getting ready to die cut deep into their body to drain their own blood out. Are you telling me that someone who is possibly deranged enough to hang himself is going to give a rats butt about carving a message in his chest? They are deranged in the first place! They are going to kill somebody – themselves. They are killers! What’s a few words scratched into their flesh? I know kids who stick things trough their flesh and wear them in public – and not just a few things. Some of them have enough metal rings in their face to get caught on a nail and pull half their face off. They sure aint from the conservative side of the brain lobe.

Comment posted September 25, 2009 @ 6:39 am

“YOU LIE!” Man, in your case, how so. I wonder if it would have been by one of those little ole ladies with her daughter and granddaughter at her side? Your deception is horrible. You know that you are lying but you have an evil intent: To poison the mind of others with words. Live by poison, die by poison. I sure am glad I am not you. I would not want to carry the poison you have in your mind because it will eat away at you and someday you will find that you are the victim of your own lies and deception.

A person of passion in a cause, I respect, even if it is opposite my beliefs. You, Samir, I have no confidence in because I was in those crowds and I know you would not have been attacked.

Now if I was down in Pittsburg tonight, carrying a sign that “Capitalism Has Brought You A Far Better Life” I would be beaten in the streets. The American people are starting to wise up. The left spews lies like truth, just as you do, Samir. But they can observe with their own eyes hundreds of thousands of people in a 9-12 march when many photos and videos from different sources and angles are shown, and the metro ticket sales are factored in (public knowledge) and the people meter on the site is taken into factor (over 400,000 in the street alone). What is really mind boggling is that many of the people did not march. The front of the Capitol was already filled when they arrived. How do I know? I assisted in putting on the event and I stood by the stage and watched the entire event unfold.

I saw people helping other people, more concerned about them; an older woman who needed air and was brought into the speaker designated area and given a chair to sit in and get out of the heat of the sun. That’s the kind of people I saw. Now, let’s turn back to our TV cable news and watch the Peace-Loving-Tree Huggers destroy some more stuff and get arrested. Just like George Orwell’s “1984” where Peace means War and Love means Hate. He was only off a few decades and a few years. 1984 should be 2009.


Comment posted September 25, 2009 @ 6:53 am

You sound like you have been watching CNN too much. Do yourself a favor. Go to a Tea Party March, be civil and talk to the people about why they are so angry. You may get whole different perspective when you hear people who have served their country, worked, raised families or are razing a family, tell you that they are for the first time afraid for their children’s future. They are 40,000 in debt before they ever walk. The government just printed 2 trillion dollars to spend out of thin air and China stopped purchasing our debt between Jan and Jun this year because of it. A trillion dollars is 52 million miles long when each dollar is laid touching end-to-end. That means we just put you 104 million miles in debt YOU and YOUR CHILDREN have to pay back with real money Also, we spend 52 million miles of money each year on the interest alone – mostly to foreign governments, many not our friends. With a projected debt of 10 trillion dollars, that is 52 million miles by 10. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out we are trying to keep the next generation, probably yours, out of the poor house. Someday, a lot of children from today are going to thank those who stood up for them.

We have problems and concerns that must be worked on together. Health Care is one that we all agree upon. We must not let the Federal Government (the the governments are the fastest growing employer in the nation – even in these hard times, and the unions that are taking over them) have more power. There are 53 new agencies proposed in this healthcare system. It is not the healthcare we are concerned about. It is the monster that will control every aspect of your life someday. There will be a day when the line is crossed and freedom and liberty as we no it will be no more. It will be like a shadow on a dark night, passed unseen. But in the dawn of the new powerful government, where people do live in fear of it, it will be too late. We don't know who or which people will have the highest birthrate for the future, who will rule. But this we know. If the government gets any larger, we are in serious trouble as a nation.

All I ask any of you is to be fair, go to an event and truly talk to the people. Get a good cross section. Don’t just talk to the a few fringe people to set them up. Talk to as many as you can and LISTEN. They will tell you. Be honest. Let them know you are there to try to figure out what they are about. You just might find your view has been foggy because of the lying press that no longer prints the truth.

Comment posted September 25, 2009 @ 7:04 am

People from all over the country visit Daniel Boone National Forest. It's famous for the Cumberland Falls and it is absolutely beautiful. The park itself is wooded and rises up to the top of a hill and circles around to a creek with cabins built from logs long ago. A famous movie was produced there. The nearby town of London, KY is full of millionaires from coal, construction, etc. This is no redneck country, as seen in some off the wall Hollywood movie. Just like war movies are never like the real thing, neither are most news stories. It's just like ABC's big lie about the DC 912 March that was picked up by all the other media as fact and ran with – one day after they were all embarrassed by CNN doing the same thing with “Bang, Bank on 9-11″ How hilarious. they can't get the news right two days in a row. Go to the DC Fire Department web site and see what they said about the so called estimated march size. They were not very happy that ABC is spreading faux news stories.

By the way, the movie was the Kentuckian. You can probably read all about it on This is afantastic site for all movie goers and lovers. Search your city, under locations, and it will tell you every movie that had scenes shot there.. Pretty cool site for many things.

The DC Department Report on the faux ABC march size is located at this link:…

Comment posted September 25, 2009 @ 5:58 pm

Pelosi is in another world if you are Cantor, and that world is reality. The other world that Cantor is in would be some sort of fantasy. Thinking that the violent rhetoric spread by the likes of Crazy Glenn Beck does not affect the easily influenced gun-toting rightist idiots is living in world of psychosis.

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