Immigration Prosecutions Up 110 Percent From 2004

Monday, September 21, 2009 at 3:26 pm

Immigrants’ advocates have been complaining for months now that the Obama administration is cracking down hard on illegal immigration while doing nothing to help legalize their situations and create a workable immigration system.

The latest data from the Syracuse University-based Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, or TRAC, seems to confirm that. Prosecutions referred by the Immigration and Customs Agency, or ICE, were up dramatically in June — a 47 percent increase from the previous month, and a 109.6 percent increase from five years ago, under the Bush administration.

According to TRAC, which bases its studies on data released from the Justice Department, 89 percent of the June 2009 cases were classified as “immigration” prosecutions, while less than 7 percent were for drug trafficking.

In May, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano pledged to focus her agency’s efforts on lawbreaking by employers of illegal immigrants, rather than on prosecuting the immigrants themselves.

A detailed breakdown of the latest Justice Department data can be found here.



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Pete Murphy
Comment posted September 23, 2009 @ 1:02 pm

Rampant population growth threatens our economy and quality of life. Immigration, both legal and illegal, are fueling this growth. I'm not talking about environmental degradation or resource depletion. I'm talking about the effect upon rising unemployment and poverty in America.

I should introduce myself. I am the author of a book titled “Five Short Blasts: A New Economic Theory Exposes The Fatal Flaw in Globalization and Its Consequences for America.” To make a long story short, my theory is that, as population density rises beyond some optimum level, per capita consumption of products begins to decline out of the need to conserve space. People who live in crowded conditions simply don’t have enough space to use and store many products. This declining per capita consumption, in the face of rising productivity (per capita output, which always rises), inevitably yields rising unemployment and poverty.

This theory has huge implications for U.S. policy toward population management, especially immigration policy. Our policies of encouraging high rates of immigration are rooted in the belief of economists that population growth is a good thing, fueling economic growth. Through most of human history, the interests of the common good and business (corporations) were both well-served by continuing population growth. For the common good, we needed more workers to man our factories, producing the goods needed for a high standard of living. This population growth translated into sales volume growth for corporations. Both were happy.

But, once an optimum population density is breached, their interests diverge. It is in the best interest of the common good to stabilize the population, avoiding an erosion of our quality of life through high unemployment and poverty. However, it is still in the interest of corporations to fuel population growth because, even though per capita consumption goes into decline, total consumption still increases. We now find ourselves in the position of having corporations and economists influencing public policy in a direction that is not in the best interest of the common good.

The U.N. ranks the U.S. with eight third world countries – India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Uganda, Ethiopia and China – as accounting for fully half of the world’s population growth by 2050. It's absolutely imperative that our population be stabilized, and that's impossible without dramatically reining in immigration, both legal and illegal.

If you’re interested in learning more about this important new economic theory, I invite you to visit my web site at where you can read the preface, join in my blog discussion and, of course, purchase the book if you like. (It's also available at

Pete Murphy
Author, “Five Short Blasts

Comment posted October 7, 2009 @ 7:36 pm

Bulk imports of legal immigrants (Canada, Australia, Britain) and tolerating illegal immigration exist for one purpose only: to keep the real estate bubble endlessly inflated. Constant population growth generates demand for housing and associated infrastructure (roads, schools). This keeps the developers and construction companies going, along with the banks (mortgages, REITs).

The fact is that this causes everyone else much grief. Urban sprawl and the loss of natural habitats and farmland (meaning higher food prices), along with stress on freshwater supplies, are major environmental issues. Political correctness (most legal and illegal immigrants are People of Color) prevent criticism; so does philanthropic payolla. The Sierra Club accepted nearly $100M from David Gelbaum, with the stipulation that they NOT discuss immigration or overpopulation. Canada's David Suzuki Foundation gets most of its funding from two big banks (BMO-Financial and CIBC), who've lobbied for neary doubling Canada's immigration levels.

There needs to be a severe crackdown on illegal immigration, along with all of its enablers. Ramping up deportations, requiring voter ID, closing spanish-language schools, eliminating non-English government services (including requiring Police and Paramedics to ONLY operate in English), eliminating Spanish radio and TV licenses, eliminating affirmitive action programs and SEVERELY punishing people who hire, or house illegals (jail time and confiscation of assets) would be a start.

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