ICE Ends Quotas for Deporting Immigrants

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 at 9:09 am

Since 2003, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been sending teams of agents around the country to arrest and deport immigrants they could find with outstanding deportation orders or criminal records. But in 2006, ICE stopped requiring that two-thirds of those people be criminals. At the same time, it created a quota for the teams, saying they must arrest 1,000 people per year each, regardless of their criminal status. There are 104 of these ICE teams.

Yesterday, ICE chief John Morton announced he was putting a stop to that, promising to focus on those with actual criminal records and to give teams “targets” rather than hard and fast quotas.

“I just don’t think that a law enforcement program should be based on a hard number that must be met,” he said, The Associated Press reports. “I just don’t think that’s a good way to go about it. So we don’t have quotas anymore.”
A report by the Migration Policy Institute released earlier this year showed that nearly three-quarters of the almost 97,000 people arrested by the ICE fugitive teams over the past five years did not have criminal records.

Morton promised yesterday he’ll keep enforcing the law against those who simply had deportation orders out against them, too.

“It is important that the system have integrity,” he said. “I am not signaling in any way that we are not going to enforce the law against noncriminal fugitives.”

The Department of Homeland Security has made plans to deport tens of thousands more illegal immigrants next year.



Comment posted August 18, 2009 @ 1:19 pm

Time to cut some government spending. You can do the honors, GOP.

Comment posted August 18, 2009 @ 4:18 pm

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Comment posted August 18, 2009 @ 8:38 pm

The choice is ultimately yours about health care solutions or the severe illegal immigration problem, by calling Washington politicians at 202-224-3121. ICE must be ruthlessly in going after the parasitic businesses who pay nothing for their illegal workers in health care benefits. THAT'S BEEN LEFT TO TAXPAYERS FOR DECADES. The American people must decide their health care options? Because of the massive divide of angry citizens and legal residents, it is essential that free choice must be on the table of any new legislation. Taxpayers must realize that special interest groups have a monopoly over radio and television networks, because they have extraordinary amounts of money to spend on engineering the truth.

We should have a passionate commitment to our homeless veterans, citizens, such as our own poverty-stricken people. Those who have health care now care nothing for those without, but the shock will come with escalating costs when premiums to rise and can no longer afford it for their own family. ALSO REMEMBER THAT MANY POLITICIANS HAVE FINANCIAL INTERESTS IN THE STATUS QUO AS THEY ARE STOCKHOLDERS IN THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY. They have acclimatized a large portion of Americans that insurance companies are the best deal, but this is not true? Most European countries perform very well with the private and the public option? Erosion began in the European health care system, when an indoctrinated Europe allowed poor nations access to their hospitals and doctors without every paying into the government system.

This was the main cause of medical care sinking below par, not indifferent to illegal cheap labor entering our nation. Until the 1980's there was–NO–extreme rationing or problems in the British national health care, until England became overwhelmed by Northern Europeans. I know because I was there in Britain and in Australia. Nobody can be turned away from Doctors or hospitals, which is the–ABSOLUTELY SAME–position as America. THINK! How can America sustain health care costs, when US taxpayers are forced by federal law to support poor sick and maimed 20 million plus illegal aliens? No nation can sustain its living standards as in the near past, after the mass immigration of illegal immigrants and their extended families.

Our only option is to terminate illegal cheap labor with every enforcement opportunity we can muster. Without restrictions millions more will keep coming, specifically of Amnesty raising its ugly head again. We must keep up the pressure on Washington, with mandated E-Verify, the Save Act, state police authorization of 287 G, no match social security, an originally planned two-tier fence and ICE raids. Learn more at the Heritage Foundation site or NUMBERSUSA.

Comment posted August 18, 2009 @ 8:48 pm

ANY illegal caught should be deported whether they commited a “Crime” or not. Entering illegally is a crime with the ponishment of deportation. I guess its better to wait for an illegal to commit another crime against a citizen before their is enough justification to act. How stupid. Find them and deport them – Period !! Quit the BS and enforce our immigration laws. Napolitano has drastically weakened 287g provisions and now won't let local cops go after illegals unless they are violent cimrinals. What progress is that? Obama and Napolitano are saying they are getting tough but all they are doing is providing lip service so it “appears” they they are doing something when they start the amnesty talks again. They are doing nothing but giving illegals a free pass. Please don't be fooled by their tactics.

Comment posted September 6, 2009 @ 12:16 pm

Idc you sound so stupid. Don't Americans go into other peoples country and commit crimes? I hope if your ever a tourist you are treated the same way. God didn't create America for you alone,so you cut out the BS. If they haven't commited a crime why the hell should they be harassed and deported? You know what's so funny the same people that's complaining how the illegal's is taking over their jobs, are the same one's who hiring them to paint their homes mow their lawns, etc.. for cheaper labor. I'm sick of ppl like you. They if they have commited crimes such as murder, rape, anything of that strong degree, yes they need to be ousted. Don't you remember it was the indians that was here first, so who the hell are you to tell somone to get out of America. When american travel to other ppls countries y'all are treated with respect, but when non-immigrants enter America they are treated like scum. It's wonder why AMERICANS are disliked by alot of nations. It's because of ppl like YOU IDC.

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