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Monday, August 03, 2009 at 2:42 pm

Here’s your chance to tell the Department of Homeland Security what you think a sound immigration policy is, or whether you should be allowed to take your toothpaste on a plane or when to get rid of the weird color-coded terrorist threat advisory system. This morning, DHS launched a new Website, Homeland Security Dialogue, for the “stakeholder community” — that’s you, and your local cops and firefighters and so on — to tell the department what you’d like to see in the department’s upcoming Quadrennial Homeland Security Review, a document that will guide what the department focuses on and what it buys. In particular, David Heyman, the undersecretary of Homeland Security for policy, wants your comments.

In a blogger conference call, Heyman unveiled Homeland Security Dialogue as a place for Americans to discuss and comment “the vision and the goals for homeland security” that six department task forces contributing to the QHSR are studying. The idea is that you’d go over to the Website, read through the proposed statements on a variety of department functions — immigration, disaster preparedness, counterterrorism, etc. — and both comment and rate each others’ comments. That way the task forces will get your input on the front end of the review. Heyman said he hoped the tool would allow the “pulse of the community” to be “fed back into the study group.”

The QHSR won’t be due to Congress until December, but the first phase of commenting closes out on Aug. 9. There’ll be additional comment phases in late August/early September and then late September/early October to discuss different aspects of the review. For now, thanks to some early solicitation from the department of key “stakeholder” opinion, there are already some comments up. RPMueck from the University of Maryland’s Department of Public Safety thinks the counterterrorism mission statement is “well intentioned but wordy.” Jlyall of the Catholic Charities of Los Angeles wants the department to “reconsider the effect its enforcement policies are having on families and communities, particularly low-income communities of color.” Netwings from CERT Queens District 1 wants to “Close borders to immigrants.”

Internet: only you can determine what’s in the mainstream or in the margins for DHS’s consideration.

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Tina Sanders
Comment posted August 3, 2009 @ 11:11 pm

Is anyone else concerned that they may become a TARGET of DHS if they truthfully give their opinion?

Comment posted August 4, 2009 @ 12:58 am

Here's your chance to put your name on the enemies list of the new Geheimat Staatspolizei. What, and miss my chance to hide in attics and basements for years during the forthcoming gotterdammerung? If Obama doesn't renounce the totalitarian authority and powers of the Bush Administration, you know that eventually a Republican will get in and he/she will have no historical knowledge and no qualms about doing it old school German style. Why waste a good Reichstag fire by not getting an enabling act?

Comment posted August 5, 2009 @ 7:00 pm

Throughout the history of the Northern Marianas, my people have survived more than centuries old of administrations and our culture if not one is on its way to distinction. Our island is small compared to countries that provide foreign workers and the idea that OFWs should or deserve to be given IR status is nonsense. With no disrespect, would they like it if it was the other way around. An OFW should be responsible enough and knowledgeable enough that when they decided to apply for jobs overseas no one forced their signature on their contracts, it was all voluntary. They should know that their future not only depends on their contract but also when that contract expires. What I want for them to understand is that an OFW have a responsibility for whatever risks they take once they sign that contract. If an OFW decide to have children or renew their contract there are laws to follow and abide by this does not mean because they come in large numbers that they can change or bypass immigration laws. it does not work that way. If OFW decide to have kids then the kids are fortunate to be US citizens and they should be proud but if it happens that their contract expires then sorry either you get renewed otherwise you should already have been prepared to return home with your family. For OFWs that have been here legally. My suggestion is for OFWs to live here legally and their right to be IRs, 5 years is not enough not even 10. 18-21 years is more likely. My reason is that it took me 18 years to earn my right to vote and 21 years to have my first beer with my dad with that I was considered an adult with all the rights and privileges. When OFW talk about freedom and the U.S law its understandable for them to complain about equal rights and justice because where they came from its almost nonexistent. Now here its a different story. For us(CNMI) here have suffered under many rules of nations without rights til now(USA) my people do not want to lose what we have left of what our ancestors have given us for we are but a few and such a small island. We appreciate what OFW have done and continue to do, we love to have them here longer but when its time to say goodbye does not necessarily mean forever…….

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Comment posted April 13, 2010 @ 8:11 am

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