Paragraphs About Terrorism You Don’t Often Read

Monday, July 27, 2009 at 5:56 pm

This is from a just-issued FBI press release about a new terrorism indictment against seven men in North Carolina:

From roughly November 2006 through at least July 2009, the indictment alleges that Daniel Boyd and the other defendants conspired to provide material support and resources to terrorists, including currency, training, transportation, and personnel. The defendants also conspired to murder, kidnap, maim, and injure persons abroad during this period. The object of the conspiracy, according to the indictment, was to advance violent jihad, including supporting and participating in terrorist activities abroad and committing acts of murder, kidnapping, or maiming persons abroad.

“Daniel Boyd”? The whole press release on the indictment is bananas. More, surely, will develop.

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