National Review on Cap-and-Trade: ‘Biggest. Tax. Evar.’

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 at 5:56 pm

Welcome to the right’s new meme on cap-and-trade.

Planet Gore, National Review’s blog whose sole purpose is to ridicule climate change activism — and, in the process, often itself — is calling President Obama’s plan to regulate carbon emissions the “biggest tax ever.” (Okay, fine. As Chris Horner puts it, the “Biggest. Tax. Evar.”) Citing a Dow Jones report that a White House adviser suggested cap-and-trade could raise two to three times the revenue Obama’s budget proposal projected, Horner writes:

Yes, ladies and gentleman, the White House is apparently fully aware that they are proposing the largest ta- . . . er, “revenue measure” . . . in the history of the Republic — likely, it seems, to be at least twice as large as the largest to date, the $107 billion (adjusted to 2007 dollars) per year (expiring) tax to pay off WWII. [...]

And it’s in the name of . . . wait for it . . . global warming. Not our finest hour. But the good news is that even though much of industry is selling their support for this BTU-tax redux — at your expense — we have a better model of disseminating information now than we did in 1993 (after all, Al Gore’s invention was relatively new at that point), and you are therefore now better equipped to defeat this beast.

Biggest. Tax. Evar.

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