Jeh Johnson Signals An End To Haynes Era At DOD

Thursday, January 15, 2009 at 9:51 am

While I don’t want to step on my colleagues’ coverage of Eric Holder’s hearings, I’m at the Dirksen building for the joint confirmation hearings of Detp. of Defense subcabinet officials-designate Bill Lynn (deputy secretary), Robert Hale (comptroller), Michele Flournoy (undersecretary for policy), and Jeh Charles Johnson (general counsel).

The hearing is just being gaveled in as I type, but in Johnson’s answers to prepared questions, the general counsel-designate indicated he’ll be tearing up the legal opinions of his predecessor, Jim Haynes, which the Senate Armed Services Committee tied to the torture that has occurred under the Rumsfeld-controlled Pentagon.

If confirmed, are there specific categories of General Counsel legal opinions that you expect to reconsider and possibly revise? If so, what categories?

If confirmed, one of my objectives is to asses whether the DoD General Counsel’s legal opinions currently in effect need to be reconsidered or revised.

What role do you expect to play, if confirmed, in the development and consideration (or reconsideration) of legal opinions by the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) of the Department of Justce that directly affect the Department of Defense?

If confirmed, I expect to work with the Office of legal Counsel in the development, consideration and reconsideration of OLC legal opinions, while recognizing that the ultimate responsibility for the development of those opinions resides with the Department of Justice.

What actions would you take in response to an opinion issued by OLC with which you disagreed as a matter of proper interpretation of the law?

If OLC issued an opinion with which I materially disagreed, I would not hesitate to inform OLC of the extend and nature of the disagreement, mindful, again, that the Attorney General is the chief legal officer of the United States and that his or her legal opinions are controlling throughout the Executive Branch.

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Comment posted September 2, 2009 @ 5:53 pm

the following can be confirmed by many: Congresspersons; Secretary Gates, the Presidents; many in the media in DC: WH reporters; sunday morning talk show hosts; George Will; James Carville and Mary Matalin; David Broder; Bill Kristol; Cokie Roberts; the Jim Lehrer people; Jake Tapper; Chuck Todd; Chip Reid; Helen thomas et al: I am the woman whose brain is being raped with mind-reading equipment by the U.S. government–specifically Barack Obama; previously by Bush, Clinton, Bush, 24/7 since 10/31/89. There are many more planks to this terrorism such as the psych-ops terrorists the Presidents hired from presumably the NSA or CIA to stalk me everywhere regurgitating my thoughts or using radio DJ's to announce my whereabouts encouraging local hoodlums to stalk and regurgitate my thoughts. They may also engage in name calling such as “dog”; “redneck”; “cheeseburger”; “crazy”; etc. Again, there are 3-4 more planks.
Consequently, as the Presidents have had me declared “crazy” for 20 years claiming they are not raping me, etc., I have been on disability…unable to pursue a career; date; marry; have children (now too late at age 53); have friends; play tennis (psych ops state I am too low class); go to live theatre like I used to or go out in public easily at all. The psych ops terrorists use salesclerks, bag boys, librarians, nurses, store managers et al to rape, regurgitate or engage in name calling as well.
The Presidents think it is funny. They are criminals, terrorists.
Please verify, then contact Congress and the President to say no more. Above all, please do not allow yourself to be silenced. Psych ops have silenced everyone — I've written over 425 letters since March—all have been silenced as have the judges as have all the people I've written over the past 20 years.
thank you so much.

Mary Jo Weidrick, 1000 Elvira Avenue, Nashville, TN 37216 615/227-4972

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