If You Thought That New Yorker Cover Was Bad…

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 at 4:22 pm

The Sacramento County Republican Party just took down inflammatory material from its website that urged readers to “waterboard Barack Obama” and stated that “the difference between Obama and Osama is BS.”

Admittedly, among the many vile and incendiary charges leveled against Obama, this latter one was at least moderately clever. But California GOP leaders, among them Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, recognized that an attack of this sort have no place on a party website and urged county party chairman Craig MacGlashan to take it down.

You can take a look at a screenshot of the since-removed material, including two invocations of Obama’s wife, Michelle, on the Sacramento Bee website.

And you can see what it looks like for a civilian to get waterboarded here:

If you’re still feeling a little masochistic after watching that, take a look at the anti-Obama political cartoons, more vitriolic than funny, that now dominate the Sacramento GOP site.

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