HRC: How Long Will A Responsible Withdrawal Take?

Thursday, May 22, 2008 at 11:23 am

Sen. Clinton just hit it out of the park with a question that couldn’t have been easy for her to ask. How long will a responsible withdrawal from Iraq take, if the next president asks?

"It’s a very difficult question," Odierno responded, "and the reason is, there are a number of assumptions and factors I’d want to understand first… what is the [desired] endstate. … I don’t think i can give you an answer now… but if asked, I would undertake careful planning… and we’d lay out a timeline." That’s a lot further than Petraeus went last month, when he all but said he wasn’t interested in planning for withdrawal.

A great question. A somewhat-enlightening answer. And, incidentally, also the last exchange of the hearing. So that’s a wrap. Both generals will undoubtedly be confirmed. But good for Clinton that she asked such an important — and stunningly overlooked — question.


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