(VIDEO) Bachmann-aligned super PAC runs ads defending her vaccine stance, attacking Perry

Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 9:26 am | More from The Minnesota Independent

Keep Conservatives United, a super PAC supporting Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, is airing ads in Iowa attacking Rick Perry for signing an executive order mandating HPV vaccines in that state. The ad buy mirrors Bachmann’s own stance on the issue—she has stated that HPV vaccines are dangerous despite scientific consensus to the contrary.

“Governor Perry says his vaccine mandate on eleven year old girls was just about cancer,” KCU founder Bob Harris said in a news release about the ad. “Then why did Governor Perry ignore doctors who opposed his order because they were concerned about both parental rights and vaccine safety? And if Rick Perry was just fighting cancer, then what were the lobbyists doing and why was the Governor grabbing the money?”

Perry issued an executive order in 2007 that mandated that girls entering sixth grade take the cancer-preventing vaccine. The order also contained a provision allowing parents to opt-out if they objected to the vaccine.

Bachmann hit Perry on the vaccine at the most recent debate, but took it further when she asserted that the vaccine may cause mental retardation, a claim she has since backed away from.

The group is purchasing ads in the Cedar Rapids media market. Here’s the ad:


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That “cool billion” ($1,030,450) is missing some zeros!

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