Watch: Texas Independent’s Mary Tuma talks ‘The Response’ on FreeSpeech TV

Tuesday, August 09, 2011 at 12:22 pm

Saturday marked the end of months of reporting from the Texas Independent on the personalities helping to craft “The Response,” the high-profile prayer and fast in Houston “initiated” by Gov. Rick Perry.

From Perry’s partnership and fundraising alongside the Mississippi-based American Family Assoctiation — a Southern Povery Law Center-designated anti-gay hate group — to extreme comments made by other religious figures listed as “endorsers” of the event, Texas Independent reporter Mary Tuma has kept an eye on “The Response,” and the groups lined up to oppose it.

Yesterday Tuma spoke with FreeSpeech TV for a segment on how all the hype played out at Reliant Stadium.

“The event itself wasn’t too controversial or too political,” Tuma told FSTV. “Speakers were aware that they had to tread carefully.”

Here’s the full clip:


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