Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/Jason Dirks
Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/Jason Dirks

Year-old viral video resurfaces amid budget debate: taxing and spending causes U.S. fall to China

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 10:13 am

Congress is still fighting over how to fix the federal budget, and as a form of inspiration, perhaps, conservative “taxpayer watchdog” group Citizens Against Government Waste is resurfacing a video ad it created a year ago that went viral.

The ad is set in Beijing, China, and features a middle-aged professor lecturing a room full of students about what makes a great empire fall. The year is 2030, and America has “fallen” as an empire.

The Chinese professor goes on to explain that this happened because “America tried to tax and spend itself out of a great recession,” and blamed President Obama’s stimulus and health care packages as reasons why America is now working for China.

According to Roll Call, this ad will be running for two weeks all over Cable TV, including CNN, Fox News, Headline, CNBC, the Weather Channel, and AMC, as well as on broadcast television in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Though many people have simply watched it on the Internet — the video has been seeing by more than 1.6 million viewers on the CAGW YouTube channel.

CAGW has reportedly spent millions on the video but is transparent about its own finances.

The ad:


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