Sec. Clinton interview in March 2009 marginalizes human rights, says Mubaraks are ‘friends of the family’

Friday, January 28, 2011 at 2:45 pm

During a March 2009 visit to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, to meet with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave an interview to al-Arabiya television. Clinton deemphasized the annual human rights report that criticized Egypt’s human rights record and talked up her friendship with the Mubaraks:

QUESTION: On another issue, the State Department issued a report about criticizing the human rights record of Egypt. And what kind of – in order for Egypt to enhance its record, what do you recommend or ask Egypt to do?
SECRETARY CLINTON: We issue these reports on every country. We consider Egypt to be a friend and we engage in very forthright conversations with our friends. And so we hope that it will be taken in the spirit in which it is offered, that we all have room for improvement. The United States, as you have seen under our new President, is moving to remedy some of the problems that we have had. We view human rights as very important. It’s central to our value system and to our foreign policy, and so we want to enlist others to make progress.
QUESTION: Is this file, by any chance, connected to the invitation – extended invitation – for President Mubarak to visit the United States?
SECRETARY CLINTON: No. It’s an annual report. It is not in any way connected. We look forward to President Mubarak coming as soon as his schedule would permit. I had a wonderful time with him this morning. I really consider President and Mrs. Mubarak to be friends of my family. So I hope to see him often here in Egypt and in the United States.

[Emphasis mine]

Meanwhile, Mubarak’s son, Gamal, made a low-profile visit to Washington to meet with Sen. John Kerry and Rep. Howard Berman, and had small meetings with experts at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Council on Foreign Relations.

The human rights report for 2008 read, “In 2005 President Hosni Mubarak won a fifth consecutive six-year term with 88 percent of the vote in the country’s first presidential election, which was marred by low voter turnout and charges of fraud.” It added, “The government’s respect for human rights remained poor, and serious abuses continued in many areas. The government limited citizens’ right to change their government and continued a state of emergency that has been in place almost continuously since 1967.”

Secretary Clinton was loathe to criticize Mubarak’s human rights record in public, but as the report and subsequent Wikileaks cables show, they had significant doubts about the regime in private.

Secretary Clinton’s statement Friday did not mention Mubarak by name but equivocated on the use of violence: “We are deeply concerned about the use of violence by Egyptian police and security forces against protesters and we call on the Egyptian government to do everything in its power to restrain the security forces. At the same time, protesters should also refrain from violence and express themselves peacefully.”

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Sec. Clinton interview in March 2009 marginalizes human rights ……

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DEMOCRACY OF HYPOCRISY – Revolution levels the playing field!

[Hypocrisy of Democracy vs. Democracy of the Streets]

So what has been learned by the Peoples Revolution of Egypt, well that the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex represents the height of Democratic Hypocrisy, and Hypocrisy according to the Random House Webster’s College Dictionary are the false profession of desirable or publicly approved qualities, beliefs, or feelings, esp. a pretense of having viruses, moral principles, or religious beliefs that one does not really posses. And, what has this got to do with Egypt, well the American-Israeli Military Complex has for over the past forty years has been up to its old games, taking the talk about the virtues of a Democratic Society, and professing its duty to bring Democracy to the world, well maybe not a real Democratic Reformation but what would pass for one, if the Democratic Government that it did support was in line with what the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex felt it was all well and good, it was a Democratic government with its approval, and if not it was a corrupt Un-Democratic Government. And in Egypt well it was a good Democratic Government even if it some how had a President for Life, who could just get rid of anyone who didn’t toe the line as established by the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, which paid [$ USD’s by the BILLIONS!!!] per year to the President for Life of Egypt, in its citizens Taxpayer [$USD’s] to ensure its Democratic Hypocrisy, but it was a beautiful Democracy as far as the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex is concerned, well until the Democracy of the Streets arose.

[The Hypocrisy of Democracy]

Make no mistake it is very much in the interests of Israel, the United States and Europe that Mubarak remains in as President for Life even if the guy is [83] years old, they will prop up the dead body if necessary. Mubarak was their guy, not so much the man of the Egyptian Peoples but the man of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, with all his so called elected officials being simply well paid Yes men to the President For Life, who in turn is a Yes man to the American Israeli Military Industrial Complex, its all pretty much the system of Hypocrisy of Democracy, all family business, and connections. In the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex the guy at the top is the Yes Person, but with Term Limits, so the Democracy of Hypocrisy, seems less Un-Democratic, vice having a President for Life, the system has everyone else elected for Life. The American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex has [Yes Persons], its more Democratic allowing women to get graft for life also. The Military Industrial Complex places plants into each State [Providence] of the underlings, within the government, with [NO TERM LIMITS], in carefully, [GERRYMANDERED DISTRICTS], and it’s a slam dunk, the only way they leave the government is feet first, [$50K USD’s] in their refrigerators from kick backs, wide stances in men’s toilet rooms, getting a little on the side beyond the wife, and the Moral Hypocrisy goes on.

[Leveling the playing field]

Power to the People is growing globally with the aide of the Internet and all the other technical advancement in communications, with global citizens asking questions and finding out answers that don’t fit the Democratic World view, they had expected but turns out that it’s all a sham, of smoke and mirror Hypocrisy of Democracy. This creating a Global Revolution even in the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex with the Tea-Bagger movement, which has yet to be determined if it is a simple tempest in a tea pot, or the hot water heater is about to explode movement, but other global grassroots movements around the globe are turning into Hot Water Heater Explosions, looking to replace the dysfunctional Hypocrisy of Democracy governments that has been imposed upon them, over the last half century by the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, with government’s which more closely reflects the will of the peoples within their regional [Spheres of Influence]. All at a time when the world is in financial straights counter to the economic interests of [THE] financial institution, the [NYSE] New York Stock Exchange, which depends on the security Egypt and other autocratic regimes in other geographical [Spheres of Influence] for providing the valuable resources needed to keep the [NYSE] New York Stock Exchange globalization scheme afloat backed by the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, who in turn own the Yes Persons for life of its Democracy of Hypocrisy Government. But the Revolution of [Sphere of Influence] such as the [BRICS] Brazil, The Russian Federation, India, The Peoples Democratic Republic of China, The Union of South Africa, and now what appears to the be the developing [Peoples Democratic Islamic Republic] with Egypt leading the way with Algeria, Jordon and Yemen of just a few of which are, all looking to free themselves of governments that the American-Israeli Democracy of Hypocrisy Government and its European puppet allies have all supported for decades. Governments who stand to directly profit from preventing the establishment of [Spheres of Influence] beyond their control, thru autocratic repression under the guise of a free market system controlled by Western Nations under common connection and the control of the American-Israeli Military Industrial Complex, with the only political Democracy and redistribution of wealth remaining under their terms and flowing into their pockets. Revolution is a good thing, it levels the playing field.


Comment posted January 31, 2011 @ 10:56 pm


The triviality of US Mideast policy

US Mideast policy has been irrelevant and fails to accommodate the current movement that is sweeping across the region.
BY: Robert Grenier

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