‘Reagan in pumps’: Religious right excited about potential Bachmann prez bid

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 at 9:36 am | More from The Minnesota Independent

When Rep. Michele Bachmann’s office declined to rule out a 2012 bid for the Republican nomination for president, religious right leaders responded with glee at what they say could be the next Ronald Reagan — except “swap boots for pumps.” Bachmann has long had a strong relationship with the religious right, and one of the first Iowa Republican caucus polls to include Bachmann show her taking away from two traditional religious right favorites: Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee.

Matt Barber, of the late Jerry Fallwell’s Liberty Council, gushed over a possible President Bachmann:

From the instant his fruitful eight-year reign ended, Republicans have pined for the next Ronald Reagan. To date, no man has succeeded in filling the conservative standard-bearer’s legendary boots. Well, maybe it’s time to swap boots for pumps. Could he be a she?

Forget a Senate run. The buzz inside the Beltway is that Mrs. Bachmann may be looking to add a woman’s touch to the Oval Office (beyond just sprucing up its temporary occupant’s eyesore decor). Her spokesman, Doug Sachtleben, has confirmed to media that the congresswoman is considering a potential presidential run, saying: “Nothing’s off the table.”

Mrs. Bachmann has been a stalwart in advocating on behalf of constitutional conservatism. She’s chairman of the House Tea Party Caucus and has put her money where her mouth is, voting consistently in Congress to limit the size and scope of government, fortify national security and protect life, liberty and the natural family. National Journal rated Mrs. Bachmann among the most conservative members of Congress in 2009.

Moreover, as with Reagan, it’s principle over popularity with the feminine firebrand. She’s evidently indifferent to what the moonbat media and the larger loony left think about her. This is an indispensable quality in a leader “We the People” can get behind. She’s a maverick’s maverick, not the media’s.

Larry Klayman, the former founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch:

Still smug that it can retain the White House in 2012, even after President Obama has alienated most of the nation with his socialist, anti-white and anti-Judeo-Christian policies, the left has set out to destroy the one truly principled politician who can unite conservatives, libertarians, independents, tea partiers, people of faith and any American who truly believes in constrained government, fiscal and individual responsibility, a strong national defense, life, and yes, freedom under God! Her name is Michele Bachmann, and she is a congresswoman from Minnesota.

Michele Bachmann, because she is a principled anti-establishment conservative who not only talks the talk but walks the walk, is a real threat to the establishment left in particular. An attractive anti-feminist woman who is a Christian and is not afraid to be part of our revolution to take Washington apart at the seams, she could well be the next president of the United States. And, not only is the left scared, so much so that it will disgrace itself by mocking a highly intelligent, well-educated and experienced straight female who believes in individual freedom and the vision of our Founding Fathers, it is catatonic. This in and of itself tells us who the next Ronald Reagan could well be.

Joseph Farah, a “birther” and founder of the conservative WorldNetDaily, called Bachmann a “great communicator,” conjuring one of Reagan’s nicknames:

Americans demonstrated in 2010 they don’t revere career politicians. They prefer principled public servants – and that’s what Michele Bachmann represents to me and millions of other Americans before she ever makes her final decision about seeking the presidency.

She’s down to earth. She’s passionate about her beliefs. She’s attractive physically and in personality. She’s smart. She’s funny. And she is uncompromisingly principled.

Michele Bachmann exudes leadership – and that’s one of the reasons her opponents fear her.

People ask me all the time who would be best to succeed Obama in 2012. What America needs is a breath of fresh air. We don’t need any retreads. We don’t need any failed presidential candidates from the past.

What we need is someone like Michele Bachmann, a great communicator who knows what she believes in without equivocation, someone who knows how to stand up to the Beltway establishment and emerge unchanged by it.

I don’t know who else might be running. But we need at least one independent, feisty, fiery candidate like Michele Bachmann. If there is someone like her in the race, we can rest assured that we will have the opportunity to throw off the shackles placed upon the American people by the Obama regime and then some.

Is my goal simply getting America back to where we were the day Obama entered office? No.

It’s time to restore America to the constitutional principles that made it great.

It’s time to restore America to the principles of self-government.

It’s time to restore America as a sovereign, independent nation under the rule of law and the will of the people.

It will take extraordinary leadership to seize this momentous opportunity.

I have every confidence Michele Bachmann is one leader up to that task.


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Rev G. Trask (ret)
Comment posted February 5, 2011 @ 8:47 pm

Yes, but can she sing “Don’t know much about history …”?

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