The New Democratic Agenda

Wednesday, November 03, 2010 at 2:06 pm

President Obama just fielded questions about the way forward following last night’s election and the huge gains made by Republicans in the House. He refused to concede that his policy decisions made up to this point in his presidency are the reason the electorate voted overwhelmingly against Democrats last night, instead citing widespread frustration over the state of the economy, unemployment and the fact that Washington hasn’t done a better job kicking it back into gear. Asked whether there’s a chance that Democrats and Republicans will be able to compromise on anything in the upcoming congressional session, the president seemed to lay out an agenda that will likely guide Democrats’ efforts in the new year:

1. Reduce the federal deficit

2. Promote a clean energy economy

3. Make sure our children are the best educated in the world.

“Nobody thinks we’ve got an energy policy that works, that we shouldn’t be working towards energy independence,” he said. “There’s nobody who thinks our kids shouldn’t improve their science and math background in order to compete in the global economy, so that’s going to be common ground.”

No mention of cap-and-trade, no mention of immigration reform. Pushing health care reform when he had a large majority in both chambers made sense strategically. Pushing education reform and investments in clean energy makes sense now that he doesn’t.

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Comment posted November 3, 2010 @ 9:06 pm

After listening to President Obama's news conference regarding yesterday's election results I have just one suggestion for him. Go to his wife's closet and put on one of her dresses before you go before congress. This man just doesn't get it. The Republicans are not going to work with President Obama. Mitch McConnell has said it plainly and the new Speaker Boehner has stated it. It will just get much worse as Obama has become a Jimmy Carter on steroids. Will Obama get the picture when Social Security and Medicare starts getting picked apart and privatized, health reform is repealed, environmental and job protections disappear, and equal rights for women, people of color, and the disabled are dismantled? Or will he wait until Michelle Bachmann and other nut jobs start impeachment hearings against him? Young people and progressives sat home yesterday because the expectations for President Obama were for another FDR. He didn't even come close and now is begging the Republicans to work with him. He's finished as far as many liberals and progressives are concerned. If he is lucky enough to survive challengers to his nomination in 2012, he will have nothing to show for his present term, and will lose the general election to a corporate sponsored extremist like a Rick Perry from Texas or a Tim Pawlenty from Minnesota. We needed someone with a backbone to unscrew what Bush and Cheney did to this country, but obviously Barak Obama was not that someone.

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